One Fall Day

Thursday was a early release day at school so I had no photography class. I did get a chance to go out on shoot on the beautiful fall day. These are some of my favorite pictures from the day:

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Project Week: Day 3

Today was landscapes. We went out and had to take five pictures of landscapes and one had to be of a landscape that you wouldn’t find in a magazine. This was easily my favorite day because I got some beautiful shots.

A landscape with beautiful colors and shapes.

A landscape similar to my pencil shot.

Today we also were told to choose our best eight pictures from the week. That was a very challenging assignment because I had 160 photos just from today! In the end I managed to come up with my favorite eight that will soon be printed and shared within our school. I have already posted most of them. The collection includes,

  • The landscape shot from above with the beautiful color and metal frame
  • The other landscape shot above with the metal ladder
  • The shot of the running water fountain from yesterday
  • The other shot from yesterday, the fire extinguisher gauge
  • My pencil shot from the first day
  • And the three following pictures

My friend taking a picture

My 'unexpected' landscape of cars.

One of my still life shots from the first day.


Project Week: Day 2

Yesterday in photography class I had difficulty figuring out how I would make the assignment work but today was much better. We got the opportunity to play with color. Conor, our teacher, brought in an infrared lightbulb and an ultraviolet lightbulb and we went into the bathroom, where it was dark, and had photo shoots.

There are six people in our class and we worked in groups of three. When we weren’t working directly with Conor, he allowed us to take pictures of whatever we wanted to. I got a couple of pictures that I am really proud of. These are two of my favorite shots from today,

A Running Water Fountain

A close up of the pressure gauge on a fire extinguisher

Then, it was our turn to go into the bathroom and do photo shoots with colored light. Since there were three of us, we rotated through each job. I started on lights. I got to arrange each light bulb just the way I wanted it. The infrared lightbulb was somewhat overpowering compared to the ultraviolet light. Next, I became the model and posed the way the stylist told me to. For the last shot I got to be the stylist or director. I positioned the model and then I got to take shots. Unfortunately, none of the pictures from that shoot got saved onto my SD card so I do not have any examples to show you.

Project Week: Day 1

Every year at my school the seventh graders participate in something called project week. In the morning we learn about securing an internship and writing resumes and cover letters; we also take our first class. The classes during project week are treated like practice internships, we learn how to act and behave in a business environment as well as learning about the actual profession. Each class is taught by an adult outside of school who works in that field. The three morning class options are improv, sewing, and entrepreneurship. In the afternoon we have another class, those choices are photography, set building, and rap. My two classes are entrepreneurship and photography.

Today was our first day in photography and we started by talking a little bit about shutter speed and aperture which I had learned all about in my previous pinhole camera experiment. We then proceeded to shoot. We had a theme of still life. We had to arrange objects in a unique way and then take pictures of them. Personally, I like to take pictures of things in nature the way that they already are so I struggled to try to find my niche.

I went through many setups and shots before I found a way to make it work for me. I realized that I didn’t have to stage the entire thing, I could take the beauty of a natural object and add something else to it and give it an interesting perspective. Unfortunately, I did not realize this until the end of my time designated for shooting still life. I found a spot with interesting colors that I wanted to take a picture of even though it was not still life. I was walking over there when I noticed a pencil on the ground. I had an idea! I picked it up and threw it toward the spot I was about to shoot. I realized that could be my way of making staged still life shots, taking spontaneous beauty and adding more elements that are somewhat spontaneous as well. I didn’t place it exactly where I wanted it because, to me, that would be too staged. I threw the pencil, which added an element, but still maintained my idea of beauty in natural patterns.

I was thrilled that I had finally found a method of still life that worked for me but then too soon it was time to go inside. This leaves me with a good feeling about tomorrow. I can’t wait!

Pinhole Photography Project

I am about to start my next photography project in school and was reflecting back on my blog from last year and decided to continue it. After I exhausted negative space (for the time being), I moved on to pinhole photography.

Every year in my school, each sixth grader is required to do an independent study on the subject of their choice. Naturally, mine was photography oriented again. This time, I made my own pinhole camera out of a box. I created a makeshift darkroom out of a closet in my house and developed every photo.

Of course, the first thing that I had to do was make the camera, and that was the easy part. I simply gathered all of my materials, and assembled them the way my instructions indicated. My helpful directions came from The Beginners Guide to Pinhole Photography by Jim Shull. The picture above is my completed camera with a piece of photo paper on the wall opposite the pinhole.

What is pinhole photography? Pinhole photography is the simplest kind of photography and the first to be invented. It is simply a light-tight box with a small hole the size of a pin. Light shines through the hole and becomes inverted on the opposite wall of the camera.

The light is projected onto the piece of photo paper placed on the wall opposite the pinhole. It is very important that this paper is not exposed to white light at all before being developed except for the 30 second exposure time when you are taking the picture.

After I assembled my camera, it was time to take pictures. I had to go into my temporary darkroom and insert the unexposed photo paper into my camera. Next, I went outside and found a subject for my photograph. Most of mine were inanimate objects because you need a long exposure time so the subject cannot move. Then, I would slide the shutter down, opening the tiny hole and beginning my exposure. I would count to about 30 while making sure not to move the camera or else the picture would turn out blurry, and then I would simply slide the shutter back up. Next, I would proceed to my ‘darkroom’ and develop my photos.

The developing process involves four steps. The first is immersing the exposed photo paper in developer and you can watch the picture appear. Then, you move it to the stop bath which will stop it from developing. Next, is fixer which fixes the picture by taking out the brown hue. Finally you dip your photo paper in wash which is just plain water, that just rinses out all of the chemicals. Now you just have to wait for the picture to dry. I had 30 attempts and only about half had a reasonably good picture on them in the end. These are some of my most successful negatives:

A Tree

A Fire Hydrant

A Fence

Despite my many failures, I have many pictures that I am proud of. I also learned that every project involves lots of experimenting and further explored my passion for photography.

Day 50: Climbing Hold

Today I went indoor rock climbing and noticed some holds with negative space. I didn’t have my camera with me so I used a Kodak video recorder in camera mode for this picture. The two holds look like a snowman and if you look at it sideways it looks like an animal with strange eyes.


Now I am done with my project and I managed to find something unique everyday. I still think that some days were easier than others. The days when I knew what I was going to photograph were the easiest and the days when I had no idea what to take a picture of were the hard ones.

Day 49: Snow

Today I knew I definitely wanted my picture to be outside. I took this picture yesterday when I was taking yesterday’s picture. It is another ironic memorial stone. This one says SNOW and there is snow in the background and a miniature snowman on top. The negative space is the word snow because it was carved out from the rest of the stone.